Floursoft Overview

FLOURSOFT will redefine the working of your flour mill with its power packed modules which will cover all the aspects of your flour mill.
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This Module helps to create N no of settings like apacity, Bank, Tax, Openiong Stock, Transport,Repacking etc. Here onetime entered data can be used in other screens just by selection.

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This module helps to maintain details like wheat and other item purchase, Contract details, Invoice entry, Stock maintenance, Wagon/Lorry tracking, Bin Stock, Raw material, Packing Material, Cost of production, Outstanding etc???. This module covers all the reports related to inventory.

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This module covers all the informations like Production details, Grinding details, Grinding month wise details, Repacking wages detail, Custom Milling product details etc..

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This Module is integrated with sales invoice so that excess lorry weight can be calculated and alert message can be sent via SMS or Mail to the Higher officials. It tracks Empty Lorry weight, Lorry weight with product

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This module covers sales order, Invoice, Sales return, Delivery Challan approval, Sales order closing, Daily sales, Credit limit exceeding details, Area, product and customer wise sales report, Pending order reports. This module covers all the reports related to Sales.

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This module covers maximum details and reports Ledger Group and Subgroup Cash or Bank transactions Account auto posting Credit and Debit Note Year ending process Returns filling entry Cash, Cerdit details, Invoice details, Pending Cheque details, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss statement, Balance Sheet Item wise opening stock report, collection report, customer transaction, Cheque return report. This module covers all the reports related to Accounts.

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User privileges can be set. Each and every entry is recorded with the user details who has done it. Privileges can be set to each and every screen and its functions. Editing of existing entry and deletion of entry can be secured by setting privileges to users.

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FlourSoft is powered with Maximum possible reports like Purchase Reports, Bin Stock Custom milling reports Purchase Commission report etc..

Flour Soft is complete software system designed and developed specifically for all types of flour mills. Its advanced features ensures a reliable, accurate and cost effictive solutions that is flexible and future proof

Flour Soft is a complete ERP Solution with full fledged account module, Purchase, Production, Sales with tight data security and maximum reports

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